Welcome To The Borden Method!

Welcome to The Borden Method!

It’s not about giving up control. It’s about getting back control.
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What brings you here, to this webpage? Chances are, you’re looking for help with something – something that’s creating problems or anxiety in your life.

So, first, congratulations. You’ve taken the toughest step, the FIRST step. You’ve done what many other people are still incapable of doing – you’ve recognized that you want help in enjoying your life to its fullest.

Now, let’s talk about how hypnotherapy with the Borden Method can help.

Right off the bat, let’s clear up one misconception. Hypnotherapy is not about, in any way, losing control, or being made to do anything you don’t want to do.

It’s just the opposite – it’s about taking control, and letting the power of your subconscious mind help you with some of life’s most difficult challenges.

You’ve taken the FIRST step. If you are considering participating in a group seminar session, absolutely commit to attending by marking the date, time and place in your calendar. If you are interested in purchasing Charles' recorded hypnosis sessions on CD or Mp3 download (they always include a full year of free-of charge private coaching with Charles via email), simply click on "Programs on CD or Mp3" for complete info. Just click on “Issues We Work With” at the left and go directly to the area where you want to see progress... losing weight, quitting smoking, managing anxiety or one of the others.

We’re going to do everything in our power to help you succeed – by helping you use the power of your own mind. We’ll find the right path to take you to your goals.

The key to success: being ready for it.

Are you ready to get help – are you ready to succeed – with the Charles Borden Method?

Here’s the key: You have to be willing to let it happen. Just bring an open mind – and let it work for you to achieve your goals.

Maybe you’re thinking: "I've tried and failed a million times."

It doesn’t matter how many times you feel you’ve failed to overcome your problem. We’re going to focus on success. And that’s where Charles or Gail Borden can be such a valuable partner in helping you focus on your issue – because of his vast experience helping thousands of people, he has developed a number of techniques that can help.

If one technique doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should - they'll try another. Or another.

Charles and Gail have a simple, almost stubborn, philosophy: He’s not going to let you fail. Because he’s successful only if you’re successful.

The Bordens are dedicated to helping you get there, wherever "there" is for you.

So remember, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried and failed. Now, because you’ve taken this important step, it’s time you succeeded.