Testimonials and Feedback

Testimonials and Feedback

Weight Loss Testimonials

Keshi Caruna Review

"Dear Charles: Thank you so much for helping me and for your ongoing support. I find it easier day by day to pick the right foods. I do not get cravings for junk-food anymore and have not eaten chocolate since our session. I have lost 39 pounds in 8 months."

- Keshi Caruna

Peta Baum Review

Dear Charles,
Just wanted to update you and Gail once again. I have had better success than I ever expected. I have reached my goal weight of 152 pounds which is a total loss of 121 pounds and 63 inches in overall measurements in 48 weeks. I still have trouble adjusting to shopping for smaller size clothes as I still go to the wrong side of the stores! All joking aside, I have included a couple of recent pictures at the bottom of this email. Next time Gail is in town I am going to stop in and tell her in person how grateful I am for how much that night has changed my life.

Peta Baum

Richard Clarke Review

My long last goal was reached today. I am so happy! I tried to have this achieved buy Dec 6 my Birthday. It was supposed to be my Birthday gift to myself but it happened a little later than planned. Charles and Gail THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me through this process. I feel amazing losing 37 pounds. My new clothes fit me like a glove. My blood pressure is 114 over 70 and my heart rate is 54 a rest. I haven't been 170 pounds in probably 25 years. I will keep in touch from time to time but you needn't worry about me. I CHOOSE TO BE THIN AND I AM GOING TO STAY THIN. That is my promise to you and myself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Richard Clarke

Kay and Robert Rawlinson Review

Note from Charles: This letter is from a woman that attended primarily as a support for her husband, Robert, who is diabetic. Her letter also came with a note: "I am happy for you to use my letters on your website. Others need to know how effective your method is. They can only learn from hearing from people that have benefited from your sessions. Let's hope you keep getting the message to others" - Kay Rawlinson

"Hi Charles, This year is beginning well for us. Robert has lost fifteen pounds already! This is very good considering the food around at this time of the year [Christmas]. His energy levels are rising and he seems happier. It is amazing how much your words stay in your mind. Each time Robert has eaten away from home. he has been extremely careful and with his intake. I am so proud of him. Having diabetes was becoming hard for him now that his readings are improving more an more. Take care and have a great year."

- Kay & Robert Rawlinson

Heather Hanson Review

"Having previously attempted (and failed) every other method to lose weight I attended one of Charles’ group sessions. I was skeptical when I arrived... now 53 pounds lighter, I am no longer skeptical. This has been the easiest and most sustainable weight loss program ever. Can’t thank you enough Charles."

- Heather Hanson

Cheryl Review

Since I saw Charles in October last year, I have lost 44 lbs. and have not felt or looked this good for years, this is the most effective weight loss programme I have ever been on and it is so easy, I love walking and just following his methods, I just hope I can continue to make these life changes regarding diet and exercise, at the moment it is still VERY easy. Thankyou so very much."

- take care, regards Cheryl

May Sutton Review

"Dear Mr. Borden:
I have really changed my habits since attending your seminar a few months ago. I am pretty sure that might have something to do with my 20 lb. weight loss!"

- May Sutton

Ron Zollars Review

"Dear Charles:
I recently attended your seminar to lose some weight, I must admit, initially, I attended primarily of curiosity. I found your seminar to be very moving! I've since lost significant weight. I'm wearing clothes that hadn't fit comfortably for many years. To say that your seminar has helped me lose weight would be an understatement. In addition to reduced weight I am also experiencing a tremendous urge for increased physical activity. less stress. and most importantly...a more positive outlook on life and feeling of accomplishment."

- Ron Zollars, San Diego

Michelle Upton Review

"Mr. Borden:
I am doing really good and have an overall change in ME for some reason. I lost 14 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks! I am on the road to losing a lot more weight and happy about it and life in general. I can't explain it. but for some reason I am always happier...it is weird, but wonderful. I have a better attitude about just about everything and seem to be a more positive person. You are magic and I know it will keep working. Thanks so much."

- Michelle Upton

Mike Rudd Review

I want to thank you for your guidance over this last year. As a retired chiropractor I have preached the importance of weight control throughout my career to my patients. However I have never (until now) been able to keep my own weight under control. I have now lost 104 pounds over the last year as a direct result of your hypnosis!"

- Dr. Mike Rudd

Marcia Wright Review

"A big Hug and Thank You Charles!
I feel like a new person today...already. I know that i will succeed and I will keep you posted as to my success. You're wonderful and truly a gift!!!"

Warmest regards,
- Marcia Wright

Margaret S. Review

"Hello Charles, I’m sorry I can’t make it to your seminar on Tuesday due to work commitments. However I still listen to your weight loss sessions everyday to keep me motivated. Another bonus is that they also relax me in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. They have really motivated me to get exercising and keep on a diet and I have now lost approximately 42 pounds since I first came to your seminar in August last year. I have only 9 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight. I have never reached my goal weight on a diet before and I am looking forward to achieving it for the first time ever. I don’t think I will stop listening to your sessions when I achieve my goal weight, I will just start at the beginning again as I did once early this year as I find them so beneficial."

- Margaret S.

Laura Review

"Good Morning Charles...just want you to know how well your session has helped me. I am hardly able to put anything sweet in my mouth and am definately eating less. I have lost 3 pounds in this first week...thankyou so much...oh by the way when I decided to go to your session I thought I was going to see a snake oil salesman... Ha Ha...what a pleasant, helpful person you are in my life today...I am so grateful...thank you.."

- Laura

Linda Review

"I am very happy. Thank you very much. I have been eating healthy and walking ever since I attended your seminar last Wednesday. I do not crave sweets or fatty foods anymore. My sister feels the same way that I do. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Linda

Anonymous Review

"Hi Charles and Gail, I just wanted to tell you both how well I have been doing since our session. I have lost 66 pounds and can't believe that I walk or ride three miles every day and I feel really bad if I don't have a chance to do it. Anyone that knows me really well can't believe it either. I am so pleased with the results that I have managed to achieve and this past Christmas got through without much temptation. Best of all, I have dropped 3 dress sizes!"

- Anonymous

Stop Smoking Testimonials

Meg Ainsworth Review

Hi Charles, A message to let you know that I attended one of your stop smoking seminars some 16-18 years ago. From that night, I have not had a cigarette or even desired one.... Kind Regards

- Meg Ainsworth

David Bardrick Review

"Sir: At long last I have found a way to thank you. Twenty years ago I attended one of your seminars. At the time I was smoking fifty cigarettes a day. Since then, I have not had a cigarette. I attended on an invitation of a friend and out of curiosity... not a wish to give up. I am eternally grateful. Again, I can't thank you enough"

- David Bardrick

Amanda P Review

"Good Afternoon, I would like to thank Gail for the group session held a few weeks ago. I have not had a cigarette since the session (not even a puff). I haven’t found it difficult to keep the cravings away because I actually haven’t even had a craving. I am so thankful for Gail’s session."

- Amanda P

Tracey L Review

"I am amazed I have been able to stop smoking since having attended the hypnosis session 1 month and 1 day ago... I had tried several times to stop smoking before with no success, so I am extremely happy that I have no desire to pick up & light a cigarette again..., I am amazed that I can do that, I would not have been able to have stopped smoking without being Hypnotized... by Gail Borden... & am very grateful to her."

- Tracey L