Seminar FAQs

Seminar FAQs

Commonly asked questions are answered by Charles

Is this like stage or entertainment hypnosis? I am afraid of being embarrassed!

We am professional therapists. It is all about helping people with their issues. Also you will never be singled out. You won't quack like a duck, bark like a dog or any such thing.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

We don't believe any willing person (who is first properly informed and prepared) can not achieve the level of hypnosis that we require for positive results. Usually "non-believers" are easily hypnotized once they understand that is is just a state of deep relaxation with increased suggestibility in the areas where they need help.

What happens during the 2-hour weight loss seminar?

We always do three group sessions of hypnosis. The first two are for weight loss and include suggestions for all of the common areas of difficulty for those who need to lose weight. The third session is self-hypnosis training and can be used for positive attitude adjustment, self-confidence building, stress management or other issues.

You are well known for your work with a variety of issues. Do you have CDs or Downloads?

We offer CDs and Downloads for most issues we have experience working with. They are available at reduced prices at the seminars. We also have recordings for weight loss reinforcement.

I have a fear of being put in a trance. Please comment.

You will never be asleep, in a trance, unconscious or "under" during one of my sessions. It is a deeply relaxed state with increased suggestibility. It feels great and there are no negative side-effects...ever.

How large are the groups?

They are small (not hundreds of people like my stop smoking seminars years ago). Usually we have between twenty to sixty. Sometimes we add personalized suggestions into the hypnosis. We strive to create a casual, relaxing and personalized environment. It is almost like a private session...but at a much lower cost.