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Programs on CD or MP3 Downloads

If you are not able to visit Charles Borden’s practice in person, he has designed a series of audio CDs or MP3 Downloads to help you overcome specific challenges. Over one million of his audio programs have been purchased by people seeking his help.

The sessions are very similar to what you might experience with a private hypnosis session. Instructions are simple and easy to follow, and all that’s needed is a basic CD or MP3 player.

Charles Borden
Free-of-charge with any purchase.

"On Call" support coaching!

Direct access to Charles for on-going, intensive support via e-mail for additional guidance, mentoring, problem solving, quick solutions, moral support, overcoming specific issues. Fee: US $250 (Free with CD or MP3 download purchase)

Charles: "I will not let you fail."

New Releases

'Headache/Insomnia/Stress Relief' - Four Hypnosis Sessions $58
Headache/Insomnia/Stress Relief

Track 1: 'Headache Relief' - Charles learned this unique and effective technique from noted physician/hypnotherapist Dr. Kroger's teachings. This hypnosis session focuses on deep muscle relaxation and guided imagery for the purpose of providing both tension and headache discomfort relief. It can ease discomfort (or used as a preventative) of migraine, tension, cluster, or premenstrual headaches.

Track 2: 'Self-Hypnosis Training' - This session teaches the listener the Borden's easy-to-learn 'Rag Doll' method of self-hypnosis. Once learned, this self-hypnosis can be done easily in about three minutes. This training specifically focuses on using self-hypnosis for immediate relief from stress and anxiety.

2 Bonus Sessions:

Track 3: 'Stress & Anxiety Relief' - Charles' classic, full-length hypnosis session that is meant to help reduce the listener's automatic response to stressful situations. It conditions one to be more calm and relaxed. There is also a lingering feeling of relaxation that occurs for a few hours after use.

Track 4: 'Sleep Deeply Every Night' - Charles' original recording. It has been used by thousands over many years. One listens to Charles' soothing voice at bedtime to fall asleep naturally.

'Weight Loss Jump-Start' - Charles' Selected Sessions $58
Gail Borden Hypnosis - Three Weight Loss Tracks

Charles has hand-picked his two favorite and most popular sessions from his longer series. They are now available for the first time in a low-cost Mp3 download or single CD format. Listen daily for a week for a potent "kick-start" and/or three times per week for a longer-term weight loss journey. Both cover a myriad of common weight loss challenges, including conscious and subconscious suggestions that train your brain to:

  • Feel more satiated with smaller portions.
  • Get more pleasure from walking and natural exercise.
  • Naturally make the healthiest food choices while shopping, preparing meals or in restaurants.
  • Have a special "thought" to trigger immediate empowerment and self-control.
  • Cause sugary foods to taste overly sweet making it easier to reduce or eliminate.
  • Nurture an attitude of wanting to do all the right things to lose weight.
  • Decreasing desire for sugary drinks or alcohol so it is easier to reduce or eliminate.
'Gail Borden Hypnosis' - Three Weight Loss Tracks $58
Gail Borden Hypnosis - Three Weight Loss Tracks

New! Borden Method has produced a new series of recorded weight loss sessions by associate hypnotherapist Gail Borden. Gail has been much loved by Borden Method workshop attendees and, as a result, many have requested sessions with her voice. For the first time, Gail's weight loss hypnosis is available in an inexpensive single CD format or Mp3 download.

Track 1: 'Permanent Weight Loss' - This is Gail's primary weight loss hypnosis that covers a broad range of habit changes that supports natural, healthy weight loss. It is similar to her live private and group session.

Track 2: 'Stop Snacking' - Gail's specialized hypnosis to release cravings and desire for unhealthy snacks.

Track 3: 'End Sugar Cravings' - Helps naturally reduce desire for sugary foods and drinks.

'Emotional Eating & Binging' - Three Hypnosis Tracks $58
Emotional Eating and Binging - Three Hypnosis Tracks

New! Charles has created three hypnosis sessions to help with what, for many, are the two most important areas of concern: Emotional Eating (Comfort Eating) and Binging. There are three hypnosis sessions on this unique CD or download.

The first is entitled 'Help With Emotional Eating' which is hypnotic brain-training to help break the cycle of overeating or binging when stressed, bored, depressed, or in a bad mood.

Track two is 'Binging and Blood Sugar' which helps with the two other primary causes of binging or overindulging: crashed blood-sugar and/or the easy availability of junk-foods or sugar.

The final track is for helping those with higher levels of stress, worry or anxiety. This is Charles' classic hypnosis session 'Stress and Anxiety Relief'.

'Fruits, Vegetables & YOU' - Hypnosis To Build Habits And Desire $58
Gail Borden Hypnosis - Three Weight Loss Tracks

We all know eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is of primary importance for healthy living and weight control. But "knowing" is not really the issue: We live in a busy world of heavily processed convenience foods where we often tend to do the easy thing. Or we have lost some of our natural ability to enjoy or crave these essential fresh foods given to us by nature. Of course, either of these dynamics can get in the way of our being able to seriously get control of our weight management.

Listen to one session per day (about 15 minutes), alternating between the two. Just released! Available in an inexpensive Mp3 download or single CD format.

Track 1: 'Habit Development' - This specialized hypnosis session helps you naturally develop lifestyle patterns of more naturally consuming lots of vegetables, leafy greens, salads, and fruits. The hypnotic suggestions help you more easily gravitate toward these essential fresh foods while shopping, planning or preparing meals, or making choices in restaurants. Also, suggestions to help you create a personal goal of getting to a certain number of servings per day, and establishing the best vegetable/fruit ratio for optimal weight loss.

Track 2: 'Hypnosis to Increase Desire' - This track helps you want to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Here, Charles' session includes hypnotic suggestions to help build your desire and cravings for fresh vegetables, leafy greens and fruits. It also helps you into a state-of-mind of wanting to explore, discover and find your "go-to" vegetables and fruits. There are also many suggestions to show you how to use herbs, spices, natural flavorings and creativity to make vegetables and leafy greens more interesting and flavorful.

Weight Control Series

'Multiple Session Hypnosis Series' - Includes Free Coaching With Charles
Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

Two twenty minute sessions per disc. Similar to private sessions with Charles that touch on a broad range of weight issues such as: appetite reduction. exercise motivation, reducing sugar cravings, stress eating, body image...lots more. These series include Charles' Free e mail coaching as stated above. Safe, doctor recomended, easy to do and convenient to order in either the CD version or the download version.

3 Month Series (lose 10-20 Lbs/4-8 Kgs...3 CDs...$89 USD)
6 Month Series (lose 25-45 Lbs/10-20 Kgs...6 CDs...$139 USD)
10 Month Series (50 Lbs/20 Kgs +...10 CDs...$179 USD)

Specialized Weight Loss Programs

'Choose To Be Thin' $58
Choose To Be Thin

This six track series is NOT hypnosis so you can use while driving your car or walking... anytime! You listen to Charles' for 10-18 minutes per day while he provides food for thought and strategies for effective weight loss.

Best used as an adjunct with Charles' regular hypnosis CDs or downloads. This series is more about learning while the regular hypnosis sessions are more about subconscious changes.

'Motivation for Natural Exercise' $58
Motivation for Natural Exercise

Hypnosis that focuses on exercise desire... one double length CD.

'Specific Problem Areas' $58
Specific Problem Areas

Seven 5-7 minute "mini hypnosis sessions" that cover; Appetite, Sugar compulsion, exercise desire, emotional eating, night snacking, salty snacks, alcohol...a great addition to the full series above for intensive work on specific double length CD or MP3 Download.

Human Development Series

'H-1 Smoking Cessation Series' $116
Smoking Cessation Series

This six track hypnosis series helps you with the five most important issues that are relevant: Stop Smoking (initially, or in the event of unwanted relapse), Non-Smokers Reinforcement, Stress Relief Without Cigarettes, Weight Gain Prevention and Mood Elevation. Each topic is a separate session... listen to the ones that are relevant to your personal needs.

'H-2 Stress and Anxiety Relief' $35
Stress and Anxiety Relief

Reduces your automatic response to stressful situations. Conditions you to be more calm and relaxed.

'H-3 Personal Success and Optimism' $35
Self-Confidence/Self-Image Building

Helps you develop a positive mind-set. Our level of optimism influences all important areas of our lives...relationships, work, family, happiness.

'H-4 Self-Confidence/Self-Image Building' $35
Self-Confidence/Self-Image Building

Builds your self-confidence in specific situations where you need help. Uses Charles' method of "positive outcome" guided imagery.

'H-5 Sleep Deeply Every Night Series' $89
Sleep Deeply Every Night Series

You listen to Charles' soothing voice at bedtime and fall asleep naturally. Included are helpful changes you can make for both better sleeping and solving the issue of waking up in the middle of the night. Three distinctly different sessions for variety.

'H-6 Natural Pain Relief' $35
Natural Pain Relief

A natural remedy that helps chronic pain patients feel more relaxed, have improved attitude and reduction of discomfort. There are no negative side-effects, but it is advised you consult with your health professional before using this program.